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Riyadh one of world’s 50 safest cities

Riyadh ranked 46th in the list of the world’s 50 safest cities for 2015, with Tokyo topping the list and Jakarta trailing at the end, according to the annual report drafted by The Economist magazine. In its evaluation of the 50 safest cities, The Economist used four indicators including the quality of digital security in the city and rate of identity theft. Riyadh came in the 43rd position with 53.26 percent in this area. 

In health security which looks into the life expectancy rates of the city’s inhabitants and the rate of hospital beds in comparison with its population, Riyadh achieved 53.33 percent. The city also achieved 61.53 percent in infrastructure safety which is concerned with the quality of roads . As far as personal security goes, Riyadh received 60.26 percent for traditional safety measures such as police intervention and the number of crime victims. Overall, Tokyo ranked first in the index, Abu Dhabi (25), Doha (29), Kuwait (36), Tehran (49) and Jakarta (50). New York and Los Angeles ranked first in digital security, and Zurich topped the list in health and infrastructure safety.

Riyadh Spring Festival. Riyadh one of world's 50 safest cities


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