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Construction and Housebuilding Market Report Republic of Ireland – 2016-2020 Analysis

The 3rd edition of the report ‘Construction and Housebuilding Market Report – Republic of Ireland 2016-2020 Analysis’ covers activities in the residential and non-residential construction sectors in the Republic of Ireland, following the economic downturn and then the more recent recovery of the Irish property market. The report should be of particular interest to contractors, developers, investors, local authorities, private and social housing contractors and their supply chains.

Key areas covered:

Review of the Irish construction and housebuilding sector – total output, key sectors of growth, key influencing factors and forecasts.

Review of the major public and private non-residential sectors – activity and output, with key sub-sectors of growth.

Forecasts for growth to 2020 – and analysis of the major development projects in Ireland, together with regional project data across all sectors.

Supply structure – the leading 25 Irish construction and engineering contractors, players in the housebuilding market. Key areas of insight include:

Review of the main challenges impacting completion levels in the Irish housebuilding sector including high local authority levies, social housing contributions, strict planning constraints, opposition to high density housing in Dublin and lack of infrastructure. Analysis of the potential long-term impact of Brexit on the Irish construction and house-building sectors, both in terms of inward investment, exports, impact on the economy and potential opportunities for companies to relocate within Ireland. Review of the government’s housing strategy – plans for 25,000 new homes to be built every year until 2021 and over €5.35bn to be spent on 47,000 social housing units by 2021. Review of government legislation affecting the construction industry. Detailed analysis of the government’s most recent capital investment plan 2016-2021. This will see almost €27bn invested over 6 years, with key areas of investment including transport, education, environment, housing and health. A review of the performance of the non-domestic construction sectors including social infrastructure, productive infrastructure and private non-residential sector. The latter includes all industrial, commercial, retail, agricultural and hotel & leisure construction output and has been one of the leading sectors in the recovery of the construction sector.

Some of the companies mentioned in the report include:

Abbey Plc, Ardmac, Ballymore Properties, BAM Ireland, Bartra Capital, Bennett Construction, Bovale Developments, Cairn Homes, Castlethorn Construction, Collen Construction, Designer Group Engineering Contractors, Dornan Engineering, Flynn Management & Contractors, Gannon Homes, Harcourt Developments, JJ Rhatigan & Co, John Paul, John Sisk, Jones Engineering, Kirby Group Engineering, Maplewood Developments, McGarrell Reilly Homes, Mercury Engineering, New Generation Homes, O’Flynn Construction, P J Hegarty & Sons, Roadbridge, SIAC, Stewart Developments, Suir Engineering, Victoria Hall Management Limited (VHML), Walls Construction.

Key areas covered in the report include:

IRELAND ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT & SOCIAL BACKGROUND – Economic growth in 2015 and 2016 – revisions to GDP and GNP.Imports and exports in 2015 and 2016.Impact of the 2016 budget and new government. Impact of ‘Brexit’ on the Irish economy and construction and house building sectors.Demographic profile of Ireland – population trends, regional data.


Total construction market – value of construction output 2011-2020 and key trends.

Recovery of the Irish construction industry – key drivers and performance.

Forecasts for construction output in Ireland to 2020.

Regional construction activity – overview, regional construction activity by sector, role of NAMA in regional project funding, southern region (Munster), northern & western region (Connacht/Ulster), eastern & midland region (Leinster), Dublin region.

Construction employment levels, construction and labour costs.

SECTORAL CONSTRUCTION ACTIVITY Overview and value of output by sector. Residential construction sector – overall market performance, trends and drivers. Housing completions – overall housing completions, public/private sector completions, housing completions by type of unit. Regional housebuilding activity – regional housebuilding completions. Dublin housing market – completion figures, house prices. Private non-residential overview – industrial construction, commercial construction e.g. offices, retail, hotel & leisure.Social infrastructure sector – output and activity in the education & healthcare sectors. Productive infrastructure – output and activity in the transport infrastructure and utilities sectors.


The infrastructure and capital investment plan 2016-2021.

Planning and development – planning reforms 2015-16, urban regeneration & housing act 2015, government housing strategy.

IRISH CONSTRUCTION MARKET SUPPLYOverall market and structure of the Irish contracting industry. Key construction companies and contractors – company profiles, expertise, project experience, forward strategy. Structure of the Irish house building industry. Key housebuilders – quoted and larger regional housebuilders – company profiles, expertise, project experience, forward strategy.

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